Dear Customer - Our available beers change frequently.  We do not guarantee that these exact beers will be available in the taproom.

Beer list updated 8.1.21
Float Away IPA
ABV 7.2   IBU 70
This is a west coast style IPA with a big hop aroma using Amarillo and Cascade hops.  The perfect IPA for quenching that hop thirst.  

Float Away IPA.jpg

Hazemaker Juicy IPA

ABV 4.7 IBU 45

This hazy crisp New-England style IPA has a secret blend of hops and a great citrus finish making it a perfect day-drinking beer.  


Streamside Strawberry Blonde Ale ABV 7% IBU 17

This light pale blonde is fermented with fresh strawberry puree creating a unique balance of sweet, fresh, and tart. Perfect for sunny Colorado days.


Sunseeker Apricot Wheat Ale

ABV 5.3 IBU 29

This light American Wheat Ale has a hint of Apricot and Orange.  Nice light and sunny!  


Golden Child Pineapple Sour Ale

ABV 4.1 IBU 10

Golden Pineapple is the feature of this light sour ale with a blackcurrant background.   A very nice choice to go with the warmer weather.  

Golden Child.jpg

Wine Barrel-Aged
Cherry Bomb Winter Ale

ABV 8  IBU 31

Cool Your Heeler 
Passion Fruit Orange Guava
ABV 4.7

Grapefruit Hard Seltzer ABV 5.3 

Strawberry Shandy
ABV 4.7

Wooly Bugger Milkshake IPA
ABV 5.1

Wooly Bugger IPA small.jpg